Hey, I'm Haley!

Photography is something I never saw making such a positive impact in my life! As a Registered Nurse, I tend to care for those during their worst moments. Being able to share your best moments with you creates harmony + balance in my life. I see the importance of having forever memories with your loved ones, as our time is never granted.

I thrive in fully engaging into mental, physical, and creative projects and experiences. Thus, both professions allow me to do so. I'm lucky enough to make an impact in your life through two very different career paths.

Being able to connect with so many amazing individuals and be a part of such special moments in your life is a feeling that never gets old. Every day, this feels like a dream!

My fiancé and I live in Midcoast Maine with our sweet munchkin kitty, Pixie!

Let's chat more over coffee or mojitos!

I can't wait to meet you!